iPhone repair T-mobile , AT&T , Sprint and Verizon we’ve got you covered. award-winning nationwide iPhone repair have a cracked screen on the iPhone you’re at the right place need repair on the USB Charging Port or anything else contact me.


we can make any iPhone like new again. I created tony’siphonefix to help people like you.we can repair any iPhone here how works. just bring the iPhone , iPod touch or ipad I replace the screen (or any other parts) with new ones. so the device will look new again and still have your contacts,apps and settings just has before.


we fix any iPhones look at our service pages for everything we do. I buy any old iPhone whether it works or not give us a call and we can discuss the price.
factory unlock any Phone go to unlock service page.


repairs usually take less then 45 minutes. 90 days warranty on all parts I replace on the iPhone.
you can pay with visa,mastercard,discover & american express also you can pay cash or local checks see you soon.